Restoring traditional food processing

With the help of rural women we are trying to restore India's indigenous traditional food processing techniques for real radiant health.

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Nutri 28
Protein rich Porridge

Tale of Customization. Inspired by You

We understand you & your requirements, so customize it for you. Order just like you love it not as we craft it. Proudly present to you few best among our 7000+ customized recipes.

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We love to treat you with the best every possible. While we handcraft foods for you we always love to treat with some extra surprises. So you will get a freebie on every order and 10% off on when you sign up.

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Sustain | Support | Empower | Rejuvenate

* 100% natural ingredients sourced direct from ZBNF farmers.

* Collaborated with rural women for rural employeement.

* 99% women centric B-corp

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Sri Ram -Machilipatnam

My relation with NUTREAT was like a treat to my Healthy life.I was blessed to have both Your Foods and Guidance. to build myself Health Awareness. I have fallen in Love with your foods. I have sacrificed good food to “treat” myself and fulfill my hunger in the past, but i have found such satisfaction with awesome foods products, that i no longer need to eat the junk. I had to tell you how much i enjoy this stuff. It really is so good! i have never been so satisfied by these type of foods. I always has time to dedicate to preparing healthy food for myself, I appreciate you! keep making great products.

Vidya B -Vizag

"The way they craft customized baby foods is simply awesome. My baby loves customized ragi which we both worked together and Nutreat gave us what exactly what I wanted"

Pallavi -Scotland

"My baby's day starts with Nutreat and ends with it. Thankyou Jyothi & team for curating such healthy & traditional recipes"

Liz Ann -Kerala

"My journey with nutreatlife started 2 yrs back when my friend suggested i order from Jyothi for my 2 yr old underweight picky eater. Jyothi’s porridge became a staple from that point on. When my kid transitioned from porridge we turned to pancake mix. My daughter who wasnt fond of food and who was difficult to feed loved jyothi’s mixes. im glad i was able to introduce various millets with its nutrition intact at such young age, all thanks to Jyothi and her venture! Now even the older generation orders from her, thats how popular her products are in my household. Keep up the good work Jyothi and team!"

Pushpalatha Reddy -Bangalore

"Firstly, let me appreciate the efforts put in by Jyothi and her team in bringing healthy and nutritious products to everyone. Nutreat is providing very good opportunity to rural women and with women's empowerment, the productivity of the family and entire society improves. Coming to products of Nutreat, we have tried almost all the products introduced by Nutreat and happy to share that every product is worthy and crafted with the best ingredients"

Preethi Krishna -Hyderabad

The products are real boons to mothers & of course kids in these days.

Priya Kathpal -Gujarat

" "Nutreat is my life saver.... Thank you Jyothi for your handcrafted food with love...​"

Chaitanya Vihari -Ooty

"Amazing taste,flavours that itself shows how genuine the products are"

Ningku L -Nepal

""As someone who rarely writes reviews or testimonials; the fact that I felt compelled to write this, is a testament to the amazing products and outstanding customer service I have always received from Nutreat"