Concept to Creation

At Nutreat, we understand the power of a unique and delicious product. That's why we offer unparalleled recipe development services to help you create healthy custom food and beverage solutions that perfectly align with your brand vision.

With over 12,000 customized products under our belt, we possess a wealth of experience crafting innovative and mouthwatering recipes without adulteration. We don't just develop products, we cultivate brand identities through flavor.

Looking for inspiration? Look no further! Below, you'll find a glimpse into the kind of recipe magic we can create, specifically tailored for our valued collaboration brands:

Nachos Premix


This multigrain blend, combining Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, Maize, and Wheat, is enhanced with our signature Sambal Kaaram, making it an ideal option for the ready-to-eat market.

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Cake Premix

Almond Pista

This versatile mix simplifies baking for professionals and home bakers alike. It combines wheat flour, adjustable sweetness (jaggery packaged separately), and nut flours for delicious treats avoiding all sort of refined flours

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Cookie Premix

Jowar Walnut

Indulge guilt-free! This premix offers a nutritious and delicious base for cookies. Made with heart-healthy jowar flour, walnuts for a satisfying crunch, and naturally sweet jaggery, it's perfect for bakeries, cafes, and health-conscious customers seeking a diabetic-friendly treat.

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Nachos Premix


Our shelf-stable mix features a zesty nacho premix (corn flour, potato flour, pepper) for delicious restaurant-style chips, alongside an aromatic very special "Godavari Rajula pulao masala" for flavorful taste. Perfect for any snack brand.

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Cookie Premix

Moringa Jeera

This innovative cookie premix boasts the power of sprouted wheat flour for enhanced nutrition, savory jeera (cumin), superfood moringa, naturally sweet jaggery, and a touch of salt. Perfect for bakeries, cafes, and home bakers looking to create unique and healthy treats. Stand out from the crowd and establish your brand with this exceptional premix.

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Why Partner With Us ?

Unlock Your Brand Identity

Your recipe is more than just ingredients, it's the foundation of your brand's story. We work closely with you to understand your target audience, brand values, and desired product characteristics. Through collaborative brainstorming and expert formulation, we craft a recipe that speaks volumes about your brand, setting you apart from the competition.

We Keep It Secret

We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property. That's why confidentiality is paramount at Nutreat. The recipes we develop for you are yours and yours alone. We never share or replicate them for any other brand, ensuring your product remains unique and valuable.

From Concept to Creation

Our comprehensive services take you from the initial spark of an idea to a fully realized product. We handle everything from recipe formulation, sourcing, and production trials to providing regulatory guidance and packaging solutions. You can focus on building your brand while we handle the recipe development legwork.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

With over 12,000 customized recipes created, our team of food scientists and flavor experts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We don't just replicate existing products, we transform ideas into innovative and mouthwatering creations that perfectly align with your brand's vision.

Taste the Success

We don't just develop recipes on paper, we bring them to life. Through rigorous taste trials and in-house reviews, we refine your recipe based on your specific requirements and feedback. You'll receive firsthand evaluations from our team, ensuring your product delivers the perfect taste and texture before it hits the market.

Now What ?

Intrigued? Let's chat! Contact Nutreat to schedule a consultation. Our team will co-create a unique recipe that embodies your brand, conduct taste trials for your approval, and offer guidance to bring your vision to market. Leave us all details and what are you looking for.