Taste With Goodness Contest- 2024

Calling all passionate home cooks! Are you ready to showcase your culinary skills and win exciting prizes? Nutreatlife, your one-stop shop for healthy and delicious food, is thrilled to announce its first-ever "Taste with Goodness" Recipe Contest!


Theme: Create a dish that embodies the essence of "Tasty with Goodness": deliciousness, health, and sustainability, featuring at least one Nutreatlife products (Excluding Collaborated products). 




  • Open to residents of India Mainland and Islands  above 10 years old. (For Kids below 18 yrs may require parents consent)
  • Individuals and teams (up to 2 members) are welcome to participate.



Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit your original recipe online through our dedicated form by May 15th,2024 : Link Here
  • Video submissions are strongly encouraged along photos are also accepted.
  • For video submissions:
    • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes and showcase the cooking process clearly.
  • For photo submissions:
    • Include at least 3 high-quality photos:
      • A final plated dish with clearly visible Nutreatlife product packaging.
      • Optional photos showcasing key preparation steps.
  • All entries must include:
    • Clear and concise Recipe Title reflecting your dish's essence.
    • List of ingredients with quantities, highlighting the Nutreatlife products used.
    • Clear step-by-step instructions for preparing the dish.



Proof of Purchase:

  • To be eligible, participants must have purchased at least one Nutreatlife product from our official website: https://www.nutreatlife.com/ (In between March 15th, 2024 to May 10th, 2024)
  • For photo submissions: Include a picture of the purchased Nutreatlife products next to the final plated dish (packaging visible).
  • For video submissions: Upload in the google form link provided. 


Judging Criteria:


Presentation (40%)

  • Visual Appeal: Mouthwatering and aesthetically.
  • Creativity: Showcasing a unique approach or presentation.
  • Video/Photo Quality: Clear, well-lit, and engaging. Bonus points for incorporating Nutreatlife products in a visually interesting way.
  • Clear Recipe Demonstration: Viewers should be easily follow along with your recipe through the video or photos.

Health & Functionality (40%)

  • Use of Healthy Ingredients:  Fresh, nutritious ingredients. 
  • Nutritional Value: Well-balanced combination of nutrients.
  • Alignment with Nutreatlife's "Goodness" Concept:  Your recipe embody Nutreatlife's commitment to healthy and wholesome eating.

Use of Nutreatlife Products (20%)

    • Integration:  Seamless incorporation of  at least one Nutreatlife product into your recipe.
    • Creative Use: Showcasing Nutreatlife products in a novel and innovative way.
    • Versatility:  Showcasing the versatility of Nutreatlife products by using them in unexpected ways.
  • Grand Prize: ₹10,000/-  cash prize and a feature on Nutreatlife's website and social media channels.
  • 2 Runner-up:  Goodness hampers worth INR.2500/- each and a feature on Nutreatlife's social media channels.



Terms & Conditions:

By submitting your recipe, you grant Nutreatlife the right to use your recipe, video/photos, and name for promotional purposes with proper attribution. All entries must be original creations and not infringe on any third-party intellectual property rights.


Ready to share your culinary masterpiece?

Click here to submit your recipe today and be a part of the "Cook with Goodness" experience! Link Here


We can't wait to see your delicious and healthy creations!

Any queries you can reach us out at cookwithgoodness@gmail.com or 

Whatsapp +91 98486 04589 (or) +91 92430 24633



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