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Stage-1 Baby cereal | Handmade Annaprasana Premix

Stage-1 Baby cereal | Handmade Annaprasana Premix

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Experience the essence of tradition and nutrition with our Annaprasana Premix, carefully crafted for your little one's well-being. We take pride in our unique traditional process, where each ingredient is treated with love and care.

Why Choose Annaprasana Premix?

🍚 A Time-Honored Recipe: Our process involves a 24-hour soak, slow roasting in iron pans, and stone grinding to perfection. This traditional approach retains the wholesome goodness of aged rice, toor dal, moong dal, and almonds (if preferred).

👶 Gentle on Delicate Bellies: Annaprasana Premix is as light as a mother's touch. It's ideal for babies starting from their 5th month (4 completed) and is thoughtfully designed to be gentle on their developing stomachs.

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Product Information

Why Choose


Aged Rice: Packed with essential nutrients, our aged rice forms the heart of this wholesome blend.
Toor Dal: A rich source of protein and essential vitamins for growing infants.
Moong Dal: Known for its mild flavor and easy digestibility.
Almonds: Providing a dose of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.
Ajwain: A hint of this spice adds a touch of flavor and aids digestion.

How to Use

Take a bowl,add 10 tbs of water to 1 tbs of Annaprasana mix ,add it to the boiling water and cook for about 5 min on a low flame,if preferred add salt or jaggery and top up with ghee.

Suitable For

6 Months to 8 Months

Shelf Life

Best before 6 months from the date of handcrafting

Tastes best with

Allergy Check

Check with the ingredients for allergy check

Handcrafting Time

1-2 days for Handcrafting,shipping timelines not included.