Best Homemade Dessert your Child will Love!

Best Homemade Dessert your Child will Love!

As caregivers, we grown ups, plan to make every meal of our kid to be oozing nutrition, while kiddos look forward to food that entices their taste buds.

Yes it is possible making kids' tasty snack time secretly healthier with Ragi Popsicles and more!

  • The Versatile Ragi

  • Usually we suggest Ragi Kheer to be taken with a pinch of salt, jaggery or by adding milk or buttermilk.

    But here's some quick bites of why Ragi is a must-have:

    🧆Plentiful in minerals and nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

    🧆The high fiber content in Ragi regulates bowel movements & any kind of food deficiencies by breaking starch

    🧆It additionally helps lower LDL cholesterol levels while expanding HDL (the good one) cholesterol levels.

    Ragi Popsicle by Nutreat Life loaded with rich sweet taste of Blueberry

    An exciting fusion recipe we are presenting is Ragi Popsicles! Just imagine licking the tastiest bar and health coming your way too. Check this exciting Ragi Blueberry recipe only at Nutreat Life Recipes 🍭🍭

  • Millet cookies
  • Millets are traditional super grains that contain ample amounts of iron, calcium and antioxidants. Millets are also non-acidic, and gluten-free making them easier to add to kids' diet without any side effects. A much-needed nutrient for bone growth during the developing years of a child. Millets such as Jowar and Bajra also aid in muscle growth in children.

    So they're a fun way to incorporate nutrients into kids' diet plans with Millet Cookies. Organic Cookies can also be made with handcrafted pancake mix

  • Chakki/Gajak
  • Every season has its own charm. While we love to cuddle with garam chai and brisk snacks, why not be a little nostalgic with the snack options.

    Chakki/Gajak tops the most munched on savories back in the day. Dry fruit Gajak can bring out the flavorful rich texture packed in chota bites.

  • Ladoo Ragi Almond Ladoo recipe by Nutreat life
  • Finally, the ever easy and ever tasty snack of all time, our very own Ladoo. You can change and toss any ingredient like your creativity suggests, yet Ladoos only keep getting better. Here is an Adults' and kids' favorite Ladoo to try immediately!

    What more do you need than fusing nutrients into your child's favorite go to Desserts. Jump into action this weekend!

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