On this Krishnashtami(2020) we asked our customers to share their views on Nutreat and they really made our festival more memorable…..
“Every time you eat Nutreat is an opportunity to nourish your body. As krishna loves butter your litlles ones will love to eat Nutreat”

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“I found my butter in Nutreat in 2020 era”


“Nutreat reminds me of my grandma’s food”


“Nutreat is as delicious as Makhan”
“I was really tensed about my baby’s food till I start Nutreat Protein Porridge. With in 20 days we noticed little change and now he is like this:). I feel pleasure using Nutreat, we will never miss using It”



"Our little gopika has grown up with Nutreat since she was 8 months old"


"I used to like butter from earthen pot in my era & now I like Nutreat from earthen pot"


"Always healthy in Nutreat's shadow"

” Hi Jyothi, I’m so grateful for you bcoz my baby is healthy especially during this lockdown we  were really tensed.  Its not that we are praising you but we feel self satisfied, as before Nutreat Vidhu never slept peacefully but now she is healthy & happy just because of Nutreat.”
” This li’ll Krishna has grown up having his gavourite Nutreat everyday” PALLAVI


"Nutreat is a treat to all the little chipmunks. How Krishna eagerly waited for Sudhama to open potli of poha similarly my little Radha waits to open the package of delicious Nutreat by Jyothi & her team"

"Everyday is treat with Nutreat"
- Pushpalatha


"Nutreat reminds me of my Grandma's recipes"

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