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Uggu- The handcrafted stage-1 foods for babies, 6-8 months

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Looking for healthy traditional food for your babies who have just started or about to start solid food. Confused? Come let us know more about this….

Little more about Uggu- stage-1

 As a mother you are worried about the food to be fed to your little babies especially  when with your first child . They are in a whirlpool of idea, thoughts and dilemmas.

What to make? how to make? will the little one like the taste? Is it healthy? Will the food be easy on babies stomach?

Are these questions flooding in your mind?

Preparing food for babies takes a lot time and energy. Food should be freshly prepared to the right consistency so that babies could easily swallow it and of course should taste good.

However, do not worry mamas all these dilemmas, worries and thoughts have been taken care by us.

Nutreat introduces an age old recipe for all the beautiful babies, Uggu-Stage 1.

We craft Uggu-Stage 1 in such a way that it is mild on your little ones stomach, easy to digest, at the same time scrumptious to eat.

It has been crafted for babies of 6 months.

Uggu-Stage 1, is a healthy traditional recipe close to nature which is crafted with various grains and pluses for a complete meal.

we have handcrafted uggu stage-1 based on the research of our ancient heritage from our grandparents.

Know better about Uggu-Stage1

Ingredients included in Uggu-Stage1 are rich in carbohydrate, proteins, vitamin B, iron, zinc and other essential nutrients:

Uggu-Stage 1 contains grains like rice which are good  sources of carbs that are power drivers of energy, various minerals and vitamins. Besides these it has

This amazing stage-1 cereal also contains pulses like toor dal, moong dal, chana dal, green moong dal, chick pea and black gram to make it protein rich required for your baby.

These are rich in natural protein, amino acids, minerals like iron, zinc and vitamins like niacin and thiamine (which are very important for the development of babies muscles, bones and neurones ) 

And ajwain for better digestion.

However we have  soaked these ingredients for at least 6 hours, sun dried, stone ground and carefully packed with lots of love. And so, this enhances taste of the product and also easy to digest.

Directions… enjoy the healthy uggu stage-1

What does your baby likes ! as porridge or as kanji ? Depending on baby’s taste cook in a earthen pot if available & feed 🙂

Porridge or kanji can be prepared with left over water from cooked vegetables or plain water.

So, 100% natural & 100% homemade.

Recipes here……

 Ingredients that you love

Rice, Red gram, Green gram, Split green gram, Chana dal, Chick peas, Black gram, Ajwain

Allergens are made bold.


Do you want to know the story behind this? Uggu itself has its aged old story. I frankly say i have no idea about where this came from and its origin but we know that our mama’s made it for us as first best food…;)

3 reviews for Uggu- The handcrafted stage-1 foods for babies, 6-8 months

  1. Dr. Venu gopalan

    Perfect nourishment for a growing baby with all kinds of nutrients.My baby likes it verymuch and he enjoys it when he was eating. nutreat products are best and they have manufactured every product according to needs of the child as per child age. These products and are very boon for working parents. Thank u jyothi garu and team as they are very supportive and answering questions with patience as when we expressed doubts. Me and my wife Dr. neelima definitely recommend nutreat to others.

  2. Dr Neelima Priyadarshini Cherukuri

    As i am a doctor generally i dont beleive other products except The medically proved ones. By the repeated suggestions of my brother i half heartedly called jyothi garu. After talking to her just i want to try once Nutreat products to my baby immediately after annaprasana. My baby liked it very much than the milk and had the perfect weight gain. Jyothi garu also suggested the food according age of baby. Me and my husband also tasted every new product ordered to my baby. The quality and usefulness of the product is out of expectation. For working persons and persons away from the elderly support its a better choice. Its time saving and giving good nutrition to my baby. The Nutreat persons are always warmly approachable and giving me suggestions. I am very much satisfying with the Nutreat products as my baby happiness is mine. Thank you very much Nutreat especially Jyothi garu.

  3. Rajesh

    I was very much worried when my baby boy was ready for solid food, as we were staying away from our parents because of the jobs. I personally dont like cerelac and all other processed foods as they dont give the same nutrition like home made food. Then we came across this wonderful site and person like jyothi who gives best foods prepared at home in the old way. In all the my son loves this uggu pretty much. Thq so much jyoti gaaru

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