Sathumaavu-Sprouted & Handcrafted 500gms

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Want more for your baby/kid to meet his nutritional requirements after the month of 6? What about having it with goodness of grains handcrafted traditionally to preserve the nutrient bundle and packed with some sunshine? 


Little more about saathu maavu

 Sathu maavu an Indian traditional baby food that is processed less which makes it an ultimate supplement for babies during their early stages of growth is made out of Great Indian grown grains & pulses following all primitive techniques in olden days.

Now Nutreat gets you back the richness of our tradition with sathu maavu for your li’ll one just processed as said by our ancestors.

No store bought cereal can replace the goodness of sathu maavu, with all the goodness of stone grounded rice and sprouted Ragi, Wheat & Green gram, your baby cereal is rich in all nutrients & enzymes that promotes a healthy growth of your baby.

Saathu maavu is mom friendly and it keeps you relaxed by all means. It is very easy to make a bowl of sathu maavu cereal at home.

Proudly, enjoy the farm freshness as we have not added any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

So, 100% natural & 100% homemade.



Weight 500 g
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Rice, brown rice, Red rice, Corn, Horse gram, Green gram, Black gram, Sprouted ragi, sprouted wheat, Jowar, Bajra, Sago, Chick peas cashews, almonds, pistachios, ground nuts, walnuts, peppercorns, Elachi, Dry ginger, Jeera, Ajowain.

Who can use

Anyone above 1 year with no dry fruit allergy can use. Always check for ingredients for allergy check.

How to use

Just add 1 tbs of mix to 75ml of water/milk and cook it for about 10mins or till soft. You need not add any sugar or salt as it is naturally tasty. But if you or your  baby prefers you can go ahead.

Shelf life

6 months from the date of handcrafting

1 review for Sathumaavu-Sprouted & Handcrafted 500gms

  1. Anusha N (verified owner)

    I didn’t want to give products from outside to my baby so early on but when i read about Nutreatlife, all my doubts were cleared. I was happy that they make all their products just the way we make it at home. My 15 month old toddler loved the Sattumavu porridge as it is without any additions. I wish i could have found Nutreat life earlier when my baby was starting up with solids but never the late , i am going to try their other recipes too now.

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