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Nutritious Sprouted Ragi Flour, freshly stone grounded & slow roasted

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Eleusine coracana little bit tough to spell? Yeah it is Finger millet/Ragi/kezhvaragu/naachani/marua the best Indian local millet with loads & loads of nutrients like calcium,iron that can be started right from months baby. And if you really want to be more local just have finger millet and skip oats.

Little more

Sprouts are “the best” for simple & better digestion and Ragi with its amazing nutrients is made available using simple and traditional stone grinding. Sprouted millets are sun dried for natural shelf life & slow roasted in our signature mark “clay pot” to ensure minimal nutrient loss while roasting. This is then stone grounded to enjoy the nutrient dense flour.


Mouth-luring dishes with Ragi flour that makes your day

Ragi with its enjoyable taste is always a best option to use in various dishes especially traditional Indian recipes.

So go ahead use this hand grounded nutrient rich flour in your Idly, Dosa, Roti, sweets and show your creativity.

As a baby food, it is the most suggested cereal both by the physicians & grand mothers too.


My story

I think this is the product that my helpers enjoy a lot while stone grinding as it is very easily grounded when compared to brown rice or other cereals 😉


Ingredients that are best

Simply no other ingredient is packed except Sprouted & grounded Finger millet (Ragi)


 Good to know

We all know that we are after the new crazy super diet that is out from our country & left almost all our super foods, one among them is Ragi/Finger millet.

I hope most of this generation does not even think of using Ragi in their diets:( but believe it nor not Ragi has never ending health benefits that you could not even compare with oats for Indians. Ragi benefits us more than oats, quinoa etc.

Do we all need some research on health benefits of Ragi to say that it has

  • Loads of calcium & Iron

  • Controls blood glucose levels

  • Have antimicrobial activity

  • Tons of protein

  • Anti-ageing properties etc ?

May be we may not 😉 because our ancestors has already done the required and gave us this valuable millet to us.

So, if you are bored of having oats go with “great nutritious Ragi flour”


Weight 500 g

2 reviews for Nutritious Sprouted Ragi Flour, freshly stone grounded & slow roasted

  1. Sunitha alluru

    My ever favourite nutreat product.really loved it.Because very helpfull to our muscle strength. I am using this with milk ang jaggery like ragi mault.
    It’s too tasty. More help to senior citizens because easy preperation within 5 minutes. I suggested my friends and relatives also this product when they sick also. Sprouted raagi good for all age groups 👍👍😘

  2. Sudha Grandhi

    The taste and texture is really good. One of my favourite now. I make ragi mudde and roti with this.

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