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Inspired by the goodness of nature to nurture your body completely and boost your Collagen to  deal with obesity, dull skin, low bone density, osteoporosis, heart diseases, hair fall, brittle nails, arthritis, iron and calcium deficiency, vitamin B,D-deficiency, low muscle strength, leaky gut, early grey hair is handcrafted with the best from the nature.



Turmeric, cocoa, flax seeds, amla, orange, lemon, pumpkin seeds, sun flower seeds, melon seeds, amaranth seeds, fenugreek, almonds, sesame, chia, ragi, black rice , poha Chana dal, Thalakkan seeds, phool makhana

How to use

Just have a spoon of collagen booster everyday either milk or sprinkle on salads or have directly.

For whom it is

Any one above 18years with low bone density, hair fall, dull skin, anemia, joint issues and problems related to skin can use this.

Many of our customers asked us to give a natural solution for their problems like early grey hair dull skin,low bone density,etc.Then we worked for 2 years on this product and finally me and my partner came up with this recipe. We aimed to provide something healthy and tasty🤤 to our customers.

Their are many reasons for these causes like the food we take,our diet table, pollution etc.

Customers on Nutreat Collagen booster

It’s been one and half months since I have been using collagen booster and I have already seen a good improvement with my skin and hair.
Nutreat collagen
Am so surprised to see my bro’s skin glowing than ever before after collagen booster. He has been using since 6 months and now I have started.
Nutreat collagen booster
I top my salads with Nutreat collagen booster and love the taste of it and the benefits are obvious. I feel less friction in my joints now.
Collagen, Nutreat
Weight 300 g

100g, 300g

2 reviews for Nutreat Nurtures

  1. Meenaa Vivekanandh (verified owner)

    …i must really appreciate the taste of this product…
    I have been using this product since last month i can see reduction in hair fall…..
    And I am also looking forward to write some more about this product in the future…..since I have been using it for past few days

  2. Abhinaya (verified owner)

    I’ve been religiously using collagen booster for a month now and I should say I see that glow on my face. I didn’t want to rush with d review n waited to see if it’s really what they say and yes! Now Can’t miss the glow on my skin. Thank you Jyothi for curating products of our needs n it has such an amazing taste and their customer service is awesome

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