Project sanative is an initiative by Nutreat to restore potential opportunities in rural regions by bringing back our traditional techniques with help of rural women, rural youth and local organic farmers. We believe that rural development is country’s development and focusing & supporting people from rural areas ensures a sustainable development. We are glad to collaborate with Smart Village Movement, Mori in this salutary initiative.

Rural women

 We aim in empowering rural women through handcrafting Nutreat foods at their home itself  & soma king them comfortable by all means.


Organic farmers

We procure maximum possible locally grown organics directly from the farmers to support their sustainable growth & to avoid exploitation.


RurAl youth

Young enthusiastic persons especially women from rural areas will be provided training for their self sustainability.

“We act as a Gateway to transfer the natural goodies to urban areas from the village while supporting & promoting real health as well as sustainable development”

Through traditional ways.....

Project sanative: Rural development

We support & Promote SDG-2020

Nutreat supports & promotes sustainable developmental goals by encouraging & empowering rural areas as our responsibility. Project Sanative is our plan of action in support to these universal goals.


We heartfully thank Smart Village Movement, Mori in supporting us to fullfill our dream of getting back to roots through our traditional way of approach & collaborating with Nutreat. 





Team Sanative