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Handmade Golden Porridge

Handmade Golden Porridge

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An anti-aging, good for heart, good for gut and good for skin, Vit-A rich porridge with a fusion twist at Nutreat's kitchen is now to treat with Hunza's secret foods of healthy & happy lifestyle with all goodness of apricots, buckwheat along with the nutty almonds & crunchy seeds of pumpkin & turmeric.

Suitable for 

8 Months & above.

Shelf life

3 months from the date of handcrafting.

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Buckwheat,Almonds,Apricot,Turmeric, Pumpkin seeds,Dry dates,Peanuts & Cinnamon.

How to Use

Make nutrient rich porridge by cooking
2 tbs of golden porridge mix with 200ml of milk or water for about 3mins on medium low flame. Stir in between to avoid lumps. Add sweetener or salt & serve at room temperature.

Suitable For

8 Months & above.

Shelf Life

3 months from the date of handcrafting.

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Allergy Check

Check with the ingredients for allergy check

Handcrafting Time

1-2 days for Handcrafting,shipping timelines not included.