Special diet customized pack, 250gms- we craft your treat


Hello, its really awesome to have choice. So just make it, select the ingredients you love, the recipe to have, add to your basket and pay for us. That’s it, done!

Organic riceRed gramGreen gramSplit Black GramSplit Green gramSplit red lentilCashewsPistachiosWalnutsAlmondsSaboodanaAjwainOats

Finger/RagiSorghum/JowarPearl/BajraKodoLittle milletBarnyardLittle millet

Chia seedsSunflower seedsTarbooja seedsFlax seeds

OatsPohaPuffed riceQuinoaJaggery

PorridgeUpmaDosaIdlyRotiPongalHalwaBaby CerealBaby Rice

Special diet is always personal, so just select the ingredients that you prefer and we will handcraft it for you.


Weight 250 g


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