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Nutri28- handcrafted multigrain mix, the natural immune booster.

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If boosting your immunity is your priority naturally then tick this premix for sure. We have almost 500+ customers who indulges themselves with Nutri28 daily in their routine. We have sprouted each ingredient, sun dried and stone grounded traditionally for maximum nutrient retention.

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Red rice, Black rice, Brown rice, Wheat, Ragi, Green peas, cow peas, pigeon peas, chana dal, chick peas, soya, seeds of chia, sun flower, pumpkin, melon, sesame and dry fruits like cashew, pistachios, almonds, walnuts, sago, barley, red poha, dry ginger, ajwain, jeera.

How to use ?

Take a spoonful of Nutri28 mix and add to 10ml of water, mix well without lumps. Meanwhile boil water or milk and add this mixture to it. Stir without lumps. Add jaggery or salt and serve.

Who can use ?

Above 10 months. Its so natural & anyone can use it except who are allergic to nuts & seeds. Kids: 1/2 spoon a day Adults: 1 spoon a day Along with immunity you will be loaded up with iron, calcium, zinc and manganese.

We can’t promise you that you can totally shield your kids from getting sick. That doesn’t mean you have to cross🤞 your fingers and hope for the best, either. You can build up your children’s immune systems with nutrient-dense foods. Certain foods have the exact nutrients that can help your kids’ immune systems be as strong as possible, so when they are exposed to the inevitable germs, they are ready to fight. 👊 Depending on research on this product these 28 ingredients were stone grounded & blended into one recipe to make Nutri28
Weight 500 g

1 review for Nutri28- handcrafted multigrain mix, the natural immune booster.

  1. Sheena

    I tried this product as a gift recieved from my dear senior for naming this product “Nutri 28” . It was just a contest so very casually named the product after understanding the ingredients added. But trust me, I noticed my daughter (now 5 years) otherwise not interested in these sort of healthy foods, enjoyed every spoon of it.

    Thank u dear…….

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