The brown rice alternative-Nutreat specially for diabetic


My DIY Nutreat specially for diabetic combines stone grounded brown rice with juicy walnuts, almonds pistachios, crunchy flax seeds & cinnamon. It makes your perfect breakfast if your hunt is for brown rice alternative.

“When something restricts your tasty whites, why don’t you try our yummy browns”


Little more

Our Nutreat for diabetic with sun dried brown rice & slow roasted wheat is perfect for your Hungry mornings & lazy evenings too.

Because we have done it in a traditional way, you will enjoy the real taste of brown rice and dry fruits with great Nutrients values.


The King Brown rice

Whether you love brown rice or a great hater of it, not an issue, you can enjoy our best alternative of brown rice with lots of nutrients.

Get maximum fiber, omega-3-fatty acids, Iron, protein good for your heart in a tasty way.

And the balanced mix of dry fruits & flax seeds enriches the taste & nutrients. So, get all those protein, Vit-E, Iron, Calcium, Potassium & manganese in your Nutrient bowl.


Yummy Breakfast- is Healthy too

Can’t have whites? Or you may be very health conscious! No problem, Nutreat texture makes your day.

With our king texture try all those recipes that you try with whites like Idly, Dosa, Upma, Kichadi, Pongal & so on…..

Go ahead with your creative mind, add veggies & soup up your Nutreat.

Want it simple? No problem, just boil 2 cups of water in pan, add Nutreat, let it cook for 15 min. and add salt as per your taste.


Proudly Pure & Fresh

We don’t like food being stored, so we are not going to add any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

So, everything is fresh & natural, nothing nasty.

100% handcrafted. 100% homemade.


My story for Diabetic

I crafted this for the first time for my father who is very picky & my mom-in law who wants to have brown rice in another way & we now we enjoy all delicious dishes with Nutreat during our ‘family meal time’.


Ingredients that makes you -feel proud

Brown rice, broken wheat, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, flax seeds, cinnamon.

Allergens are made bold




Weight 200 g

The Story

“Have you ever felt sorry for your dad or mother in law or someone else that you love having the tasteless or less interesting menu when you all are enjoying the delicious biryani or silky soft idly or yummy Pongal? I had the same feeling for my father who is a picky eater and not at all comfortable with brown rice & my aunt who loves Pongal but when she couldn’t till I have tried Nutreat for diabetic with brown rice enriching its taste with dry nuts & flaxseeds. Now, we all enjoy our family meal time equally with this.”

Ingredients you love

Brown rice

Almonds & walnuts


Pistachios along with Flax seeds


Good to Know

A pure farm fresh alternative way of having brown rice along with wheat. For those who are diabetic & with BP it might be your favorite dish.

Almonds, walnuts and other diabetic friendly dry nuts makes the boring brown rice tastier & enjoyable.

No preservatives & other additives to enhance the shelf life so enjoy it as fresh as possible & so 100% safe your kids too.

Wheat along with brown rice provides you the required fiber for good digestion & maintaining the required cholesterol levels.

The rava texture helps you to cook it different breakfast recipes. So if you like idly go with it or Kichadi you can. More recipes on my blog.

Less processed so you get maximum omega-3-fatty acids from the dry fruits & brown rice.


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