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Nutreat-Aged rice & cashew baby cereal

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Babies always don’t need the dense protein rich foods, sometime they do need the simple & soft. Nutreat ARC is your “No-fussy” food with basic required nutrients. Aged rice is easily digestible rice with nutrients like carbs, iron & little fiber and cashew is the ultimate simple dry fruits with maximum nutrients.

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Little more

If you don’t want to mess up your kid with that this and so on during his early stages or whether it’s a simple day regime with heavy meal in the noon, grab this for your baby.

The sun dried, stone- grounded & slow roasted aged rice with its maximum nutrients makes you the guilt free even if you are in a hurry.

And slow roasted cashew with its natural sweetness adds a great flavor that your babies would easily fall in love with it.


100% natural, 100% homemade, 100% handcrafted.


Super toppings- healthy & tasty too…

 We have not added any preservatives or artificial ingredients. So, your baby would enjoy the real taste in each every bite.

Simply, add 1 tbs of Nutreat aged rice & cashew cereal to 1 cup of boiling water, cook it on slow flame & and add salt/sugar. Top up with ghee which is too good for your baby during his early stages.

You can use this instead of your plain rice with Dal/Sambar/Curd. You can also mix this with veggie puree or as a soup.


The recommended suggestions

Breast milk is always the wonderful choice for your baby, till 6 months.

So, you can introduce Nutreat Aged rice as his first baby cereal after 6 months and continue your breast feeding as much as possible.

First test only ½ tbs spoon, if your baby is totally comfortable you can give him 1 tbs per day till 10 months & later 2 times a day.


My story

Unlike Jai, Karthi my second son is not so interested in adult foods and he usually like most of the babies has lots stomach upsets, so I really need a cool recipe that makes him totally comfortable even during the sick days My baby cereal-Nutreat Aged rice & Cashew is my pack for these kinda days.


Ingredients that are best

Aged rice & Cashew

Weight 250 g

2 reviews for Nutreat-Aged rice & cashew baby cereal

  1. Anushree (verified owner)

    I have been using ‘Nutreat-Aged rice & cashew baby cereal’ since last two weeks. My 11 month old baby loves to have this meal. I give it to him once daily. As mentioned in the description, this is totally a ‘no-fussy’ food with all the required nutrients. And the best part it that it’s easy on my baby’s stomach and hence need not worry about any digestion problems. Thank you Nutreat for this wonderful treat!

  2. Preethi

    It really helped me during my kids diarrhoea.. Easy to digest n healthy too.. It’s really a saviour for parents when you want to give your kid something easily digestible n also nutritious…

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