Kurukku Kerala traditional porridge, 7+ months


The traditional Kerala porridge suitable for everyone from age 7months to 60 years handcrafted with goodness of Red rice, Ragi etc…..

Little More…

We made our clay pots filled with red rice, ragi, cow peas to sprout them for about 1/2inch and get the best out of each ingredient for our Kurukku.

To make almonds & cashew to release their nutrients easily we have soaked them for about 8 hours and peeled.

All these ingredients were slow roasted in our Nutreat mark Clay pots and made them crunchier and tastier. These ingredients were stone grounded and packed with Rock sugar to taste it the best way!


How to make the best porridge?

In a small bowl take 1 tbs of Kurukku and add water to make a fine paste without any lumps. Meanwhile boil 100ml of water/milk and this fine paste. Cook for about 5-8mins. Serve hot.

Can be mixed with buttermilk after cooking with water.


Ingredients you Love in Kurukku

Red rice, Ragi(finger millet), Cow peas, Almonds, Cashew, Rock Sugar.




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