Best way to store Nutreat

in right way, the Indian way, best way to store Nutreat

Store your foods- not in plastics, the Indian way of storing foods

Recommended ways of storing Nutreat-

Nutreat is fresh as vegetables & fruits from your home grown gardens, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. We craft them only after order & pack them as clean as at your home. To be very frank we give better recipes than at your home as we handcraft them.

Crafting Nutreat involves all age old techniques that are so sensitive & cold process, this makes it’s freshness most adorable for any age group. To experience the best aroma & freshness of Nutreat follow these tips to store soon after you receive the package from us. (We use only food grade tin material & pouches for sending you our handcrafted foods to you)

Products like Nutreat which are in powdered form react more with the storage containers when compared to other foods which are not at all processed and all also as we sprout them they are prone to microbial act as soon as possible just like homemade. So, please pay attention when you just want preserve these foods like powders, flours, rava etc. for more than 3 months. The best way we are supposed to preserve Nutreat is in a

Glass containers– the great option to preserve Nutreat as they never interact with your food and does not change the odor or taste. Good to store Nutreat if you are planning to store for more than 6 Months & in other Countries out of India. Suitable for all kinds of Nutreat recipes.

Ceramic jars- Second best option- actually to say, this is the Indian way of storing foods (my grand mom said that her grand mom had filled up her kitchen racks with only these) for months together, as they too do not interact with the foods and preservers its freshness. You can use this to store rava kind of recipes from Nutreat. Use these containers if you store more than an 3 months.

Stainless steel – the ultimate and the economical way of storing foods when compared glass and ceramic containers. Suitable for baby cereals & porridges from Nutreat. Use these containers when you store for than 3 weeks.

As we craft Nutreat fresh and we strongly recommend using these three containers but not the “plastic”. Open the Nutreat pouch/Tin and transfer its contents to a clean glass container and store it in clean and dry place. You can store it for about 6 months from the date of crafting it without losing its freshness. We found Nutreat did not lose its freshness for about 14 months when stored in glass containers under optimal conditions.

If you want to store for more than 3 weeks after opening the Tin/Pouch of Nutreat please transfer the contents into above mentioned jars and store in refrigerator if you don’t live in optimal conditions.

Premium Nutreat recipes- You can slow roast the recipe after 1 month from the handcrafting, cool it and store as suggested above. 

Groceries- We suggest to sun dry the groceries every month for 1 or 2 days and then store again in suitable jars/containers.