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Choose our protein rich menu when your protein & energy requirements are high….


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Porridge, Breakfast

These porridge mixes are handcrafted with all natural protein,fiber and iron rich ingredients that are suitable when your protein requirement is high during workout, pregnancy or anemic times.

sathu maavu

Hey gorgeous lady you are always beautiful when the iron in you flows through every vein…..

Iron rich

These special recipes are multi use and instant recipes that are rich in iron which helps you in boosting up your hemoglobin levels.

Nutritious Kichadi

We made your regular kichadi/upma more nutritious with our super good combinations with the ingredients rich in iron, calcium and fiber. So that you don't feel bored

Nutreat to boost up calcium

With the milk

Ragi Bhog

With sprouted ragi when cobined with slow roasted almonds, cashew, pistachios, walnuts, seeds of sunflower,pumpkin along with rock sugar & saffron we made a great treat for calcium.

Ragi Almond

simply iron & calcium rich with sprouted ragi & peeled, soaked almonds would surely be your regular choice of these nutritients.

Dry fruit Mix

Just to enhance the taste of your milk & its nutrients add a dash of our handpounded dry fruit mix.

Milk mate

Top up the nutrients & taste of the milk naturally with our handcrafted milkmate with sprouted wheat, almonds, and exotic flavors of cardamon & saffron

Ragi milk mate

When your calcium and iron requirements are high just think of our handcrafted ragi milk mate.

handcrafted with 12 immune boosters

When you think of your immunity in lets make it real & natural with all the goodness of sundrying, handpounding extra…..

Immunity Booster

handcrafted with 12 immune boosters

Golden milk mix

handpounded wild turmeric with spices


Taniya Congee

  • The ultimate Vit-B booster with all sprouted ingredients .


  • When you have a folic acid & iron requirement our best suggestion is "Congee
porridge congee


Barley Moong

Sun dried Potato Pepper

Chick peas Thyme

Red lentil Basil

Sun dried sweet potato paprika


You don't always need to have porridge to have nutritious meal you can treat yourselves with our handcrafted pancakes.


Even the crispy ones are tastier & healthier with our damn good combinations of instant dosa mixes.


Our handcrafted flours will definetly be your choice of flour you want it to be iron & fiber rich

Idly Rava

yes you heard it right as we made your idly rava also nutritious with handpounded combinations

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For Pregnant women

Protein rich Porridhe

Be sure that your protein requirement is

Millet muesli

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Millet Mix

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Nutreat for

Feeding Mom


Traditinal gujarathi recipe with 32 ayurvedic ingredients, almonds, jaggery and gondh to enhance the quantity and quality of milk.


Another alternative to Kaltu to enhance milk quality with natural ingredients, dry fruits, gondh.

Khus Khus Milk

Classic recipe from ancient Indian cookbook to improve the quantity of milk to maximum extent.

Yogic Meal

We know you need lots of iron, calcium and folic acid, so we have crafted the best crunchy wheat muesli with dry fruits, gondh, khus khus and palm jaggery.

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