Nutreat my kitchen- slow roasting in a clay pot or Iron pan

My Kitchen rules

Each premix from my kitchen has its own uniqueness and story, so hear those stories when you click on…. But there is something you should know about my experimental kitchen………

Though FDA has approved some rules, I have my own……

  1. Only fresh ingredients that are handpicked can enter my table.
  2. No preservatives & additives should be used to increase the shelf life.
  3. Use only natural ingredients.
  4. No heavy machinery is allowed.
  5. Great cleanliness & hygiene should be followed.
  6. No sanitize rs are allowed inside.
  7. Please wear head caps & gloves before entering.
  8. Keep it very simple and pure.
  9. No others can enter my kitchen expect my helpers.
  10. No hurry & fast processing.

My Kitchen foods are

  • Done only on order
  • Produced only when all the required ingredients are available freshly.
  • Depends upon on weather as the ingredients are sun dried.
  • To be consumed within 3 months from the date of manufacturing.
  • Just homemade foods but in packed form for transportation.
  • Not commercial, so only limited quantities.
  • Mostly can be used as multipurpose

Pricing Philosophy

Nutreat premixes are inspired from the freshest & purest available. All the ingredients are hand-picked and slow roasted after natural drying, as most of the work is done by hands and no machine is used. So the prices may be little more when you compare with the commercial store bought products, but you feel difference when you taste it.


Nutreat products are as fresh as veggies & fruits from your own garden with no preservatives & chemicals. So, to enjoy the freshness I recommend to consume as early as you buy from my kitchen. So, experience the true meaning of homemade foods mostly alternatives from my kitchen just as from yours but in a packet……

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