Baby cereals

HEy mom! chill out with our summer baby cereal collection perfectly handcrafted

Handcrafted Traditionally

Loved by Thousands

Hey thanks for being local, if you are in this page you certainly love local and traditional foods. We promise you that we serve our best with no preservatives, articial ingredients or any thing that is not food. And of course we promise the great taste as we do it by hands and preserve maximum nutrient values for your real radiant health.

8-24 months

above 1 year

400/- onwords

Give your milk a taste with our handcrafted delites

280/- onwords

Yes boring idly/dosa are even more delicious now


Sweets &

400/- onwords

We made everything healthy why not sweets?

380/- onwords

We have some awesome ingredients to make your regular kichadi/upma delicious

280/- onwords

Why processed flours for your daily usage try our stonegrounded

Only from
my kitchen

500/- onwords

There are some signature recipes only that you can find from my kitchen

porridge congee


Yeah we do craft gluten free

Good for your digestion

Get your protein from natural foods


yay! Nutreat in another crunchy & chewy form

Okay! let’s make’em  tastier even better



for you & your baby