Traditional Culinary Internship Program

Come join us and learn how you can handcraft your own food and learn the art of handcrafting by our Food strategist Jyothi Pappu.

Absolute Beginners
Our beginners program teaches you how to craft your own blend of premixes along with Pros & Cons.We will teach you the skills you need to start with confidence, giving you a great repertoire of man power and techniques. Above all, you’ll pick up tips and tricks that a beginner needs.
3months- 4999/-
Level 1 traditional Indian food recipes
India got prodigious collection of recipes that are to be restored for next generations. A gist of Pan India recipe collection will be discussed as a part of this program. This might help you to develop your own recipes.
3months- 4999/-
Homemade food & Marketing
Home food business is always a great idea to encourage healthy & organic living while making a great impact. You will receive complete tips & first hand experience to develop your own plan for a startup while staying at home.
4 months- 7999/-
Professional Indian recipes & details
A detailed program on Indian culinary & recipes that helps you to develop skills of cooking these authentic recipes.
4months- 8000/-
BAby food & Myths
Developing baby food recipes from traditional Indian recipes & myth busters with Nutritionist. Along side you will receive first hand experience with our team how you can make your own baby food. You can also work along with our research and development
4 months- 10000/-
Art of Preserving foods naturally
Complete guide to preserve the foods naturally using primitive Indian techniques and how marketing without preservatives . You will learn all the tricks & tips to preserve the food naturally.
3months- 15000/-
How a mom can be entrepreneur, a detailed discussion with pros & cons of being a entrepreneur.
4-sessions(2hrs) -4000/-
Indian Food Business
A complete program that explains you how to develop a recipe, pack and market it along with other management skills You can also work along with our research and development
5 Months-15000/-


Who can apply?


Any one who has min. of SSC can apply these courses and are interested in cooking can apply to this program

Is it Online?

Courses will be completely online and can visit the Kitchen when twice during the course. No accommodation will be provided.

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