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Just a click away, you will experience the traditional Indian recipes and passionate crafting. You will totally indulge in its ancient glory with our handcrafted goodies.

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Annaprasana- Baby cereal

Baby’s first foods should always be the best and nutritious. We made it best with aged rice, toor dal, moong dal and almonds to be nutritious with special techniques. 6-7th Month babies.

Suitable for babies

Uggu Stage-1

Inspired from South Indian recipe for babies, we have handcrafted it with slow roasted rice & lentils. Suitable for 6-8 M.

Suitable for babies

Uggu Stage-2

Best way to introduce brown rice to your babies, slowly & handcrafted with brown rice, organic white rice & lentils. Suitable for 8-10M.

Suitable for babies


A tale of rice, lentils & dry fruits a recipe inspired from a traditional recipe belonging to many ancient families in India. Suitable for 8-12M.

Suitable for babies

Aged rice & Cashew

Easy to digest & bundle of nutrients, a recipe crafted Inspired from South Indian beliefs of having aged rice. 2 year old naturally grown rice & slow roasted cashew.  Suitable for 6-12M.

Suitable for babies

Taniya Congee

A true tale of 11 day crafting, 1 inch long sprouts of brown rice, wheat, green gram along with slow roasted barley, sago & dry ginger.  Suitable for all above 8M

Suitable for babies


With 18 best ingredients from India, we make a “Maavu” for instant energy & full of Nutrients. Grains, Lentils, pulses, dry fruits & spices.  Suitable for all above 8M

Suitable for babies

Thinai Maavu

Inspired from Tamilnadu, a flour made of foxtail millet & other diabetic friendly ingredients like almonds, chickpeas & walnuts. Suitable for all above 8 years


A traditional porridge recipe from Kerala with red rice, sprouted ragi & cow peas along with slow roasted almonds, cashews & rock sugar. Suitable for all above 7 months.

Suitable for babies


A true ancient recipe for pregnant & feeding moms from India with sprouted wheat, almonds, gondh and 32 ayurvedic ingredients for better bone & milk production. 

Yogic Meal

We took inspiration from a yoga master from Art of living whose breakfast is simple yet nutritious with flakes of wheat & jowar along with roasted almonds, walnuts, seeds & gond. Suitable for all age groups above 2 years.


A multigrain sprouted mix of wheat, jowar, bajra & ragi inspired from farmers of India. Suitable for all age groups from 7 M.

Suitable for babies

Rotla mix

A traditional Gujarathi recipe with Bajra, Sesame & Jagger to make your dish more yum we have handcrafted this. Suitable for all age groups from 7M.

Suitable for babies


This recipe is all the way from Bihar to indulge us with its yum taste. We have added our signature handcrafting to make it more delicious. Cashew, Almonds, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Khus Khus, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Saffron & Rose. Suitable for all age groups above 10 M.

Suitable for babies

Dry fruit Halwa Mix

A recipe inspired from Indians itself who are so sweet. Unpolished Sooji, Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, Moong dal & Cardamom. Suitable for all age groups from 10M. 

Suitable for babies

Bajra Brown rice Kichadi

Kichadi India’s most favorite recipe & easy digestible with complete nutrition. Sprouted & Stone grounded bajra along with slow roasted brown rice, green gram, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pepper & jeera for irresistible taste. Suitable for all age groups 8 M & above.

Suitable for babies

Karkidaki Kanji

A recipe from Kerala with navara rice (wild red rice) along with moong dal, chick peas and exotic seeds and spices. A perfect recipe for diabetic & weight loss management. Suitable for 13 years & Above.

Ragi Bhog

Inspired from Rajasthan Royals always a rich recipe with sprouted ragi and exotic dry nuts like cashew, pistachios & almonds with saffron & elachi. Suitable for all above 7M.

Suitable for babies

Pudding- Firni

A Ramadan special dish with Unpolished sooji, chia seeds, almonds,& pistachios along with Vanilla. Just a 2 min cook. Calcium rich.

Suitable for babies


Not from India but from Bhutan a simple roasted barley with lightly tossed up with dry ginger & wild turmeric. Suitable for 2 years & above.

Suitable for babies

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