Shine traditionally with handcrafted foods by Nutreat

We are traditional yet we love other cuisine too. So we love fusions.

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Choco Ragi Pancake Mix

A fusion of Indian sprouted ragi with choco powder & slow roasted almonds will definitely make your perfect snack. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Pista Coconut Sugar Pancake Mix

Slow roasted Pistachios with brown poha & coconut sugar is a fusion recipe to make your senses more irresistible. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Walnut Sprouted Wheat Pancake Mix

Making it diabetic friendly this pancake mix is full of fiber & vitamins handcrafted with sprouted wheat, walnuts & jaggery. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Sweet potato Millet Pancake mix

Millets at their best, including bajra, little millet, kudo millet, proso millet with slow roasted almonds & pumpkin seeds. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Choco ragi almond Instant Porridge mix

Make your busy times easier & nutritious with delicious sprouted ragi & slow roasted almond meal with chocolate flavour. Suitable for all above 10M.

Millet & nuts Instant Porridge Mix

Just a combination of soaked & roasted millets like proso, foxtail & kudo millet  with dry nuts like almonds, walnuts & pumpkin seeds. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Millet Instant Porridge Mix

Loaded with millets like foxtail, proso, barnyard, little & kudo millets. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Sesame Choco Spread

Crazy combination of slow roasted sesame seeds with almond oil & cocoa powder with jaggery for your breads. Suitable for all above 1 year.

Seasonal Jams

Ask us anything favorite jams we have apples, mango, papaya, raisins & cherry, pineapple & mixed fruit jams with jaggery. No sugar or preservatives as fresh as your order. Suitable for all above 9 M.

The best among our fusions, we have 10 varieties of cookies made out of homemade butter and stone grounded flours. Check our our fusions…..

Suitable for babies

Dry fruit Pudding

Just a 2 min cook will make you the best ever pudding with dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews & seeds. 

Suitable for babies

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