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India's First Podcast

After 5 years of handcrafting foods, Nutreat with support of 4 Dynamic women is now launching its unique podcast on "food according age" with interesting stories to guide you all, what to have and what not to. Here we try provide you all information on traditional food habits of India along with no-boring concepts.

4 Dynamic ladies

Yes! when we wanted to speak up 4 dynamic women with their stunning & attractive tones from different parts this world contributed their tones for us. You are right its not a paid Podcast, its our collaboration with these 4 lovely ladies who belongs to India but settled in different parts of this world, who are going to narrate lovely, informative stories on food according to size groups. Listen to them....

Nutreat Podcast





Radhika Kasarla

Nutreat Podcast

Satya Padma


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Intro of Podcast- July 18th
Very Friday a new podcast
Available in English & Telugu
Script by Manasvi & Self
Podcast -"Baby & Food" - 6M to 2 years By Dr.Sravanthy & Satya Padma
Podcast- Food of Active Kids & Teens (2-19yrs) by CH.Sravanthy
Podcast- Young & Energetic (20-45yrs) by Radhika K (Telugu) & Satya Padma (English)
Slow melt now(50yrs & above) by English Satya Padma & Radhika K (Telangana accent)
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