Experience "The Porridge" in its way !

We have many recipes to offer others but "Porridge" is unique that narrates the story of first human and real way of eating foods. To fragment the 'myth' "Healthy can't be tasty" a porridge is a whole recipe that indulges everyone right from 6th month to 80 year old. We organize Porridge Parties that narrates the similar story and we make eating healthy fun & tasty. Let's indulge in the taste of health. A porridge party is unique and let's experience it.



To invite us to host a porridge party at corporate offices or your personal events write us at srislokagroup@gmail.com


" India's first ever Porridge Tasting Party was organized by Nutreat at Artocinno, Hyderabad in collaboration with Unekha" 

Porridge Tastings for different occasions

A porridge is for everyone, man can experience porridge at any phase of life and at any time in a day. We have unique concepts that suits your different occasions. Let's make it fun.

Motherly Porridges

Right from 6th month man indulges in the taste of porridge for a healthy startup. Not only in India every country & culture has the same ritual of feeding a homemade porridge. In a baby shower party or during " Early Food" Party you can make experience your baby the real annaprashan porridge as well as your guests and gift them the real tasty healthy food. Suitable during baby shower parties, 11th day function of baby or Annaprashan day event.

Porridge Tasting

The porridge we craft has its unique story that are inspired from different traditions of India. Each porridge has its own benefit & taste. We narrate you the story of first ever porridge on this planet while you indulge in the taste of handcrafted porridges that are made with different ingredients right from natural farmers. Suitable for health care centres, corporates, yoga centers, spa & cafes.

World in a bowl

Each country has its own story of porridge which communicates their heritage, their culture & nativity. We have done a great homework on these world class level of porridges from Ethiopia, Jamaica, England, India, China and many more countries and present it to you to have a bowl of it. Perfect event for corporates, chefs and workshops.

Make your own Porridge

You have a special taste & requirement, so your porridge will be special. You can make your own porridge with our handcrafted flours, roasted nuts & seeds, spices etc and customize for you & your family specially. To engage your group is the best ever healthy  option you can try. Best fit for Kitty parties, mother and child contests, food contests & couples.