Why should nuts be soaked & why we follow this ?

Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, Walnuts etc. what ever the nut may be we found them tasty & crunchy when not soaked and we feel we had a nutrient dense meal ! But why should nuts be soaked ?

But is it so?

No of course not, when we don’t soak the nuts or seeds we are just inhibiting the mineral absorption in the digestive system due to the phytic acid in the nuts.

The enzyme inhibitors in the nuts also are found to interact with the nutrients in our body and may cause nutrient deficiency & digestive irritation.

Moreover the dry nuts are hard on our stomach and too much on baby’s .


Nutreat products are crafted with only soaked nuts……

So to be very gentle, we prefer only the soaked nuts for crafting Nutreat. We soak the nuts for about prescribed time and dry them naturally in shades, slow roast them in our “magical clay pot” for improving natural shelf life.

So be guaranteed that our products are  “milder naturally” both in the taste & on stomach.

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