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Well actually, we planned to release our new products on this Jan 1st 2018 as a sign of progress but before that I feel like sharing few things about food and food myths to which we are hooked up in our recent years. Questions from my friends & customers are the roots of this “fact-finding attempt” to make us know about our “Great Indian food habits”. Before we go, let me share the experience that made me to forage on our Indian foods.

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Let us find the facts about our Indian foods
 It was my first expo where my products were in display to the young moms of Vijayawada and my mind was totally into the state of mixed emotions like surprise, confusion, irritation etc. when we explained about our Indian based products to one of those moms. “I always use German products for my lovely ones”…..this was the reply that totally made me ambivalent.       “Germans are great at manufacturing good food products especially for babies, they follow high standards of hygiene and they really do them with great German foods” the explanation by her with a spark in her eye.

 Does these words underlie some toxicity towards our Indian products? Yes of course I feel.

 Devaluing (I don’t know whether I am using the correct word or not, but I feel it suits) our products. Being the successors of great Indus Valley civilization with great nutritious foods, why are we now devaluing our foods and food habits? And why are we after fancy foods & diets?

  Come let us find the facts together and please do share yours…..:)
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