Volunteer with Project Sanative

We want people who enjoy contributing and learning. We work with rural women, farmers, students, kids, medical professionals and many more. 

This is Online Volunteer Program

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You can join us for the following opportunities….

1. Photography

2. Content writing

3. Modelling


5.Social Media 

6. Digital marketing

    Not this, whatever you are interested you can contribute to this society through us.

Ready To Volunteer ? Check this if you are

  1. Anyone between the age group 18-65 years. People who are below 18 should have parents declaration?
  2. Motivated & enthusiastic?
  3. Can Contribute at least 2-4 hours of in a day for about 3 months minimum?
  4. Am interested & committed?
  5. Can adopt to any culture & situations during the period of volunteering?

Also interested working with us Offline ? Physically?

You can also work with us offline in following assignments.

  1. Training rural women.
  2. Procurement from local & natural farmers.
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