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Our Team

Serving best handcrafted foods since 2015.

When you taste Nutreat you indulge in the true and natural taste of the ingredients that are handcrafted by these wonderful women of Malikipuram. We have forgotten all these traditions that really enhance our health with maximum nutrients. Meet my team helping me in curating such awesome recipes with their muscle power with a smile on their face.

Our helpers

The real

Though we guide them its all their strength that makes Nutreat so perfect handcrafted food for you and your family. Say I hi, to Laxmi, Saila, Manga, Durga, Suda, & Durga the main team from physical department

Pure natural & handcrafted foods

Our Food Policy

We believe in eating fresh, local and Seasonal for real health. Hence we craft our recipes with the fresh and local grown foods. Here at Nutreat we know who is our end customer and so we provide him what he wants but not what we crafts.

Our Core Values

When we don’t know what we eat we obviously don’t know about ourselves. We make our recipes only with foods that we are ready eat and it’s purely from a kitchen but not a lab😉. We concentrate on crafting recipes out of ingredients that are used by our grand parents, so that getting back to the healthy roots.

Behind Nutreat

Now meet the team that you should definitely know

Since 2015, when Nutreat was started the journey was so joyful without much pain with the help of these wonderful people around me. And now we welcome Dr.Sravanthy Ch. as our chief curator who will be handling the physical department from April 2020.


Want to be a part of my kitchen?

Definitely welcome you, write us at

Jyothi Sri Pappu

Founder / Chief Cheer Leader

Swetha N

Recipe Developer/ Core Manager

Sravanthy Ch

Chief Curator / Chief of Physical dep.

Satish K P

The catalyst

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