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Jyothi Sri Pappu- Founder of Nutreatlife, Project Sanative, Recipe Strategist

It’s really hard to find one’s passion till we are totally into it & & enriched with such environment. And I found it after my boy “Jai” was born when I started looking for safe & homemade food in the markets. Of course a common story but not boring…..I have different storyline completely, except ” a mom turned into entrepreneur” 

I grew up asking questions to whom ever I met about our traditional foods, culture, paintings, mythology, life experiences & their version of life. This natural enthusiasm loaded me up with huge lots of information on our traditions & culture which indirectly developed a uncommunicated social entrepreneur when I was still a teenager. Being a philanthropist by soul I never wanted to do a conventional course like Pharmacy. But however destiny made me to finish my Masters in Pharmacy from Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai.

             This was the main reason (Being a Pharmacy student) that I wanted to avoid any packed foods for my boy & started delving our age old traditional foods like Ukkiri & my second baby “Nutreat” was born (That’s the reason I never call as products)

" Many think Nutreat is a combination of Nutritious treat, but it is 'New Treat' which treats you with traditional recipes in a new way. "
Jyothi Pappu
Founder Nutreat

Always get bored...

 A nature lover, painter, artist & nomad by nature like me  can never ever be monotony. That’s why you find 100’s of recipes on my site either as standard or as customized. 

Listening to customer & thinking about their requirements developed the concept of “Customization” where I indulge myself exploring & talking to different people all over world for recipes. This nature is also responsible for many collaborations with farmers, rural women around the country- birthing “Project Sanative” 

To openly say I am a crazy food strategist who always try cooking various varieties especially traditional dishes with li’ll modern tinge.


So, What do you find on my site!

100% natural and hand crafted foods done with great passion from the purest & freshest available. You can definitely take my promise of treating you with the best premixes for any of your requirement. Hope you enjoy the treat & you will never get bored.

And this is….

 Jyothi Sri Pappu


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