"A great introduction to culture is their cuisine. It not only reflects their evolution, but also their beliefs & traditions"

-Vikas Khanna, Indian Chef


We believe that our tradition & culture are the strong roots for our country’s unique & anchored health. With the same belief we have 3000+ happy customers who agreed & joined our journey of  “having handcrafted foods made traditionally” 

What we do?

Direct from farmer

We take the pride of procuring the crop direct from the local & organic farmers & craft them into our unique premixes. No dealers or distributors while we buy or sell.

Traditionally processed

Just like your great grand mother we handcraft foods using our primitive Indian techniques like sun drying, stone grinding, sprouting, clay pot roasting etc.

With slight modern touch

We are not against to modern foods so we try making them healthy with our creativity. But we never compromise health over taste. 100% natural ingredients for sure.

We are still awake

Traditions & culture of a country are enriched only when we give access to the next generation. They are not something to be ignored or frivolous. But in this upgrading era we have lost communication with our rich heritage & culture which  are the roots of sustainable growth by all means. 

Many countries have introduced their super traditional foods to the world & successfully launched their global brands. We Indians having rich heritage, culture & traditions there isn’t a single brand that represents our traditional foods. 

We want to set one’s heart to feel & choose “Nutreat”  as  one & only one brand which offers best premixes traditionally handcrafted and  It’s our burning desire that the world makes “Nutreatlife” as their first choice of approach for “Customizing  premixes for their unique requirements” 

Many mom’s are highly happy & recommending “Nutreat” which took its first step of handcrafting in the year “2017” by Jyothi Sri Pappu with her motivating & life partner Satish Kumar Pappu with a single recipe of baby food.


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