why traditional methods….

Sun drying…..Slow but great…….

All the ingredients directly from farm are hand-picked and sun dried .It ensures the ingredients to stay fresh for longer time, without using preservatives or other additives. This process enhances the natural shelf life of the ingredients as well as the final product. Moreover, heating/roasting in a microwave may cause a little more damage to the raw-ingredients and loss of nutrients.

Not so interested in preserving the products….

Yes, really a product with long shelf life goes well in the market, but a craft like Nutreat needs a better option. “The Fresh” hashtag I feel.

Fresh foods are always better for holistic living and so to retain the freshness along with eliminating the unwanted complications like

1. Weight gain- Most of the artificial sweeteners are more dangerous than the “Sugar”, they can quickly add on weight. Eg: Aspartate
2. Cancer – Yeah most of the trans-fats & artificial colors are trigger factors of cancer.
3. Diabetes – Trans-fats interfere with the insulin receptors that trigger diabetes.
4. Alzheimer’s – most of the artificial flavors trigger Alzheimer’s.
5. Other brain damages- MSG & other flavor enhancers generally cause other brain damages like Parkinson’s etc.

 I don’t add any preservatives or other chemical ingredients……..:)

And why Stone grinding?

Do you ever, taste the pickle prepared in a mortar & pestle? We in Andhra especially in Krishna district, mostly prepare it in the Mortar rather than in Mixer-grinder. This tastes lovely and gives a great aroma (some might feel it strong but they never complain) to the pickle.

So, from where does the taste come from? It is the procedure that we have followed during its preparation, where the process is slow so that very low heat is produced & finally there is no nutrient lost.

This gives me the maximum nutrients and natural taste to my products.

 Of course, a commercial mill can produce 100kg Nutreat daily but I feel this does not go with Nutreat. Few ingredients in my list undergo this process & so the special real taste.

Stone grinding ensures the real taste, high nutrient values and integrity of the product.

 The magical Clay/Mud pot……

The mud pot cooking is very slow and delicate that I exactly need for my products.

A mud pot is very porous that allows the moisture & heat to circulate easily through them. This enhances the best taste in the ingredients of Nutreat & the best part is its alkaline nature which interacts with the acids in the ingredients and balances the PH.

Of course I am noting using this for baby products as I still need to research about using this magic for baby foods.

 The true meaning of home-made foods…..

Not all homemade foods are the same. Nutreat is not a commercial product. A homemade food should be just like from our kitchen in all aspects like the selecting, processing etc. Nutreat is just the same crafted from my kitchen by skilled people (my helpers) to ensure the maximum possible nutrients & the best possible taste without additives.

It is 100% natural, handmade & homemade packed for you from my kitchen. So, experience the true meaning of homemade food products from Nutreat.


Now don’t you feel Nutreat is a “Handicraft” …….!


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