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About me

To tell about me I love…

Indian traditions       

Arts & crafts




Being simple & Nomad

Living in the moment

So naturally, Nacl in Pharma lab was never interesting for me, but with the same I do wonders in my Kitchen. So, I thought Pharma is not for me though I have done my masters in Pharmacy and Kitchen is my all-time favorite. Though I love cooking different recipes I am always crazy about cooking healthy foods tasty. This is how I have tried Nutreat for diabetic.

My nature…

 I love being simple and eating simple and I love being close to the Nature (I grow my own garden and trying to grow my own veggies too). May be this was the reason that made me to think about Indian traditional techniques for my products. Being eco-friendly is always my choice of living and so no heavy machinery in my industrial kitchen.

By the way we live in a village where we breathe the purest and enjoy the singing of the birds, the flowing canals all through “Konaseema”, the “Andhra Kerala”

About my first steps….

The story should actually start with my son. I personally was not comfortable to give him the packed empty calories when he was just 6 months old. So, started digging out the possible natural alternatives from many. This finally made me to prepare his first homemade cereal. Adding a traditional tinge to this made me fully satisfied about nutritional values. And my father who is a picky eater never loved eating brown rice, oats etc. as part of his diet, finally the experiments never ends………..

 To say, people around me & my natural tendency for healthy eating made me to craft different food products for different people.

My motto….

Family is always my first priority, I include my parents & in-laws, husband, kids, friends and society in my family & I don’t believe in producing commercial products with low values for my luxurious day. So can serve only a few at a time but will try to serve the best.

So, What do you find on my site!

100% natural and hand crafted foods done with great passion from the purest & freshest available…..


I am Jyothi Sri Pappu and I am the founder of Nutreat, with all love & support from my better half Satish.K.P.

You can find me on Facebook, twitter….

And write to me @ srislokagroup@gmail.com

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