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People are really under a false impression about the foods today. They really bother about having dosa/idly for breakfast but easily have a toast/processed cereal for the same.Is it the real health that we are looking for? No, right! are we healthy or our grand grand parents? Surely, they were. Just because they all had the “local foods”, the locally grown, less processed, fresh and seasonal. They encouraged eating local, encouraged producing local and they were radiant & healthy. Are we? No, of course. So, what should be the magic-bullet? Again being & eating local foods and encouraging the traditional ways of processing the foods

Being traditional…….

Simple & traditional cooking is always my choice and so my products are……. Traditional       truh-dish-uh-nl Adjective Meaning:           Existing in or as part of a tradition; long-established. Synonyms: ♥Produced, done, or used in accordance with tradition.  ♥Habitually done, used, or found. The Traditional touch to our products….. Cooking food using traditional methods preserves the possible nutrient values. Simple and traditional processing techniques are such techniques where we can enjoy the maximum nutrients along with great taste. The processing techniques are inspired by “traditional Indian food processing methods” for Nutreat. We take the benefit of mud pot cooking, sun drying, stone grinding, slow roasting, germinating and hand picking. Moreover, I never use preservatives or additives to my products. So, treat yourself with the true goodness of homemade foods with Nutreat. Nutreat products are crafted from the freshest available and so may not be available all the time……..

♥Crafting Nutreat♥ the real local foods

I feel “Crafting Nutreat” is a better word rather than producing/processing because each ingredient is hand-picked and are just made into another form so carefully mostly by hands. So, just like a handicraft Nutreat products are crafted with great passion & skill.
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Now the beautiful crafting process of Nutreat
        So, why the traditional methods?