To the “Backbone of India”- Dear Farmer

Farmer, India

You live with the soil, the birds, the animals, the worms but far away from the money, use your muscle & brain only to serve our plates & support us as the backbone of India by contributing 18% of GDP.

You never asked us to clear your debts though you have 52.5%  &  though 135,445 farmers committed suicide you never blamed us, You still strive to feed us.

You never wear a sunscreen nor moisturizer to protect your skin but you always try to protect us from starving.

There is no single clue what if you growl, though we are very irresponsible & never cared about you in our busy schedules & running in the rat race.

You never cursed us though we import foods and stay away from locally grown by you, that decreased agricultural demand to produce more local crop which would aided in your economical growth.

We guess if we had believed in agriculture as engineering & medicine and made our children to pursue degree in that field  could have improved natural farming & its techniques.

You are never selfish & made us strong with your super powerful mind crossing all these barriers.

Though “Thank you” would be a small word,we are great full to your hard work & scarifies for our country from bottom of the heart & promise to standup for your believes & make our foot steps to support that helps you directly or indirectly.


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