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food storage tips

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 Well, there are tons of attractive eye-catchy plastic wear in our super markets that drool us to grab one for preserving foods. One by one, one by one we have filled up our kitchen racks with these beautiful funky “plastics”. But wait! Are they really “cool?”

Oh no, yeah we have heard about this matter many times, that these cool plastics cause us

  • Cancer
  • Obesity due to release of the hormone estrogen
  • Other illness like Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, arthritis etc.
  • Some chemicals from these may interfere with reproductive system too.

 As they react with the foods when stored or cooked.

food storage tips
Store your foods- not in plastics, the Indian way of storing foods

 I am not discussing about this now here as we have lots of blogs on this. But i just want to make sure when you prepare and preserve foods for your babies or some one else in your family just take a moment and think what we are going to pay for this?

So I am interested to share few risk free and good ways of storing your foods including Nutreat that are really “cool”.

Products like Nutreat which are in powdered form react more with the storage containers when compared to other foods which are not at all processed. So, please pay attention when you just want preserve these foods like powders, flours, rava etc. for more than 3 months. The best way we are supposed to preserve these by using

Glass containers– the great option to preserve foods & Nutreat

as they never interact with your food and does not change the odor or taste, perhaps they enhance the taste (I really donno why?). I especially prefer these for preserving Nutreat for my baby.


Ceramic storage

actually to say, this is the Indian way of storing foods (my grand mom said that her grand mom had filled up her kitchen racks with only these) for months together, as they too do not interact with the foods and preservers its freshness.


Stainless steel-

the ultimate and the economical way of storing foods when compared glass and ceramic containers. Moreover they don’t break 😉



As we craft the Nutreat fresh and we strongly recommend using these three containers but not the “plastic”. Open the Nutreat pouch and transfer its contents to a clean glass container and store it in clean and dry place. You can store it for about 6 months from the date of crafting it without losing its freshness. We found Nutreat did not lose its freshness for about 14 months when stored in glass containers under optimal conditions.

food storage tips
store baby foods

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